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How to Convert FLV to MP4?

MediaProSoft Free MP4 Video Converter Mostly, MP4 video can be played on webs with some technical supporting; but FLV video is not so widely supported by portable devices. So, if we want to enjoy videos downloaded from some video sharing websites such as YouTube on some portable media players, then we have to convert FLV to MP4. A video converter is necessary here. MediaProSoft Free MP4 Video Converter is an easy-to-use and totally free FLV to video Converter. With this FLV to MP4 Converter, you could easily convert FLV to MP4 for entertainments on portable devices such as iPod Touch 4, iPhone 4, Android Mobile, etc. Just download and install MediaProSoft Free MP4 Video Converter.

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Step 1. Add Video Files

Launch MediaProSoft Free MP4 Video Converter and click "Add Video..." to input FLV files on your computer to the conversion list. You are allowed to add more videos to the list. After that, the thumbnails of the video and some other file info will be displayed. You can remove the files by clicking the "Delete", while "Clear" will remove all. Use "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons or just drag the listed files to arrange them in order to meet your demands.

Add Video Files

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Step 2. Specify Output Settings

Click "Select..." to choose output folder. Click "Video" tab and specify output format by "To MP4" (There are three tabs "Video", "Devices" and "Audio", containing various supported formats). Then, if more precise output quality is required, it also provides many format presets for adjustment. Click "Convert" to start conversion.

Specify Output Settings

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Step 3. Start Conversion

After you clicked "Convert" and within few seconds, you can see the progress percentage and some other info like the time estimation data and a progress bar. There are also post-process options to choose (Auto play a sound or shutdown the computer after conversion).

Start Conversion

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When the conversion is finished, a brief task report will be displayed. Click the "Open folder" to directly find your converted files.

Open the Output Folder

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