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How to Apply Audio Effects?

Free Audio Editor Have you been long for creating your music masterpiece? You may choose an audio editor to for your creation. Free Audio Editor lets you add some professional effects to your audio file. For example, you can end your recording with a "Fade out" effect or amplify the voice of someone speaking too softly. The "Noise Removal" feature lets you clean up background noise. You can also have fun with the effects and speed up voices. All of these functions can be used easily. Just download and install Free Audio Editor and do as the following instructions to make your customized audio.

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Step 1. Input an Audio File

Launch Free Audio Editor. Click the button "Open" to choose an audio file that you want to edit to input to the software. The audio waveform will be displayed in the window.

Input an Audio File

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Step 2. Select a Part of the File

There are many ways to select a region:

Click anywhere of the waveform as a start point and use hotkey like Shift+Home, Shift+End to select from start/end;

You can use Ctrl+A to directly select the whole region;

Click the left button and drag along with the waveform to the place wanted to be selected;

Specify the beginner & end of the session by moving the sliders below the waveform window;

Input the start, end and length of time to choose specified region at the bottom of the editor.

Select a Part of the File

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Step 3. Add Audio Effect

Click the "Effect" tab and you can apply echo, vibrato, amplify, chorus, fade... to your music. The settings window of corresponding effect will be activated. Specify detailed parameters or apply some popular presets to adjust the effect. Click "Preview" to listen to the music before adding the effects to the waveform to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Add Audio Effect

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Step 4. Save the Changes

Go back to the "Home" tab and click "Save" to save the changes.

Save File: to save the changes to the edited file.

Save File As: the file that has been edited can be saved with a different file name and/or location.

Save Selection As: to save just the highlighted selection to a file.

Save the Changes

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